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Airolink management system embodies a relentless commitment to promoting and supporting sustainability within the group as-well as the wider community. Through our integrated management systems, we ensure that every project undertaken is delivered sustainably so that it is executed successfully.

Health & Safety

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for our employee’s and for those under our care. Our group’s safety records boast zero class one incidents, (an accident that results in a fatality or that permanently alters a person’s life) having collectively engaged in over three million man hours of labour. This record is testament to our extensive safety management systems which seek to minimise and eliminate lost working hours as a by-product of accidents sustained on site.

Our dedicated safety management teams oversee proceedings on site and conduct regular safety audits of every project, to ensure rigorous compliance with health and safety systems.


We provide clients with a professionally enhanced approach to project delivery. It is deeply embedded within company policy to provide a superior service to clients by understanding and responding to their needs and expectations, in addition to systematically managing projects in order to maximise the value for all stakeholders involved.

Our quality system is certified to ISO9001:2008. Comprehensive quality systems provide objective and thoroughly documented evidence pertaining to conformance to all regulatory and contractual obligations inherent in every project.


We are conscious of the impact our work can have on the environment, and as a consequence, environmental management plays a pivotal role in our project management and reporting systems.

Airolink adheres to a strict environmental policy that ensures it complies with all relevant environmental laws, rules and regulations during the course of our activities, and conserves resources through the efficient use of energy and materials.


Airolink acknowledges that, wherever we operate, we are a guest of the local community. Consequentially, we strive to minimise the impact of our work on residents in addition to the surrounding environment

We actively encourage communication and consultation with the local community who may be inadvertently affected by our work.