India: Titans of industry on focus areas for growth in 2022.Article in Gulf News Special Report for India Republic Day – 26th January.

What are the key focus areas for your business in 2022?

In addition to our core expertise in construction, Airolink has positioned itself to diversify into healthcare, oil & gas, and also to expand further into key markets such as Saudi Arabia, India and the UK. Our primary focus is in devising strategies to manage and mitigate the risks brought about by the extremely dynamic global market.

The last couple of years has not been easy for the Indian economy – What are the primary factors that could drive a resurgence in the economy this year?

Socio-economic reforms and political stability are key to driving foreign direct investment to India and to ensure a faster revival from the Covid impact. Through these reforms, it is imperative that we place larger focus on growth particularly in the fields of employment, healthcare and infrastructure.

Do you have any investment plans in India?

Along with our strategic global partners, within India, Airolink has planned key investments in renewable energy, healthcare and petrochemical sectors to a cumulative value exceeding INR 2,000 crores.


Source : Gulf News

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